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Whey powder

Whey powder

Whey powder is used:

  • in dairy products industry in production of spreads, sour cream products, cottage cheese, cottage cheese products, processed cheese;
  • in the meat processing industry in the production of cooked sausages, frankfurters, wieners as a substitute for milk powder;
  • in the confectionery industry in the production of pastry products, chocolate spreads, fillings of chocolates and a variety of glazes;
  • in the oil industry in the production of mayonnaise and fatty sauces.
  • We offer whey powder produced by the best manufacturers of Russia, France, Germany, Lithuania and Estonia.

Organoleptic characteristics of whey powder

Taste and smell
Sweet and salty, sourish, without foreign tastes and odors.
Fine powder, the presence of small balls which easily break under mechanical effect is allowed
From white to pale yellow, uniform throughout the mass

Physical and chemical characteristics of whey powder

Fat content,%, not more than
Protein content,%, not less than
Moisture content,%, not more than
Acidity, from, not more than
Solubility index cm3 crude sediment, not more than

Microbiological characteristics of whey powder

CFU / g, not more than
Yeasts, cfu / g, not more than
Molds, CFU / g, not more than
Product weight (g), in which are not allowed
CGB (coli forms)
S. aureus
Pathogenic, including salmonella

Whey powder shall be stored at a temperature of (18 ± 2) ° C and relative humidity not more than 80%.
Expiry date – 6 months from the date of manufacture, subject to the package integrity and the required storage conditions.
Kraft paper bags with polyethylene insert. Net weight 10, 15 or 20 kg.